Popular Pharmaceuticals PLC (PPPLC) was established in 8 December 2002, with a vision to lead the branded generics market in Bangladesh with a high quality, diversified range of life saving and vital molecules.

It is now a vertically integrated generic pharmaceuticals formulation products manufacturer, marketer, promoter and distributor. The company has state-of-the-art factory in Bangladesh having eight separate and dedicated modern manufacturing facilities. High production capacity of PPPLC is now being utilized for its own products portfolio as well as for toll manufacturing of specialty products for 18 leading pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh.

PPPLC has a strong presence in the domestic pharmaceutical market with regards to prescription share & sales. Popular is now among one of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh by revenue and ranked as one of the most rapid growing companies in the country. PPPLC’s remarkable growth within a very short span of time has resulted mainly from its product diversification coupled with many “high-tech-high-science” product launches. It sales has also been powered by its knowledge-based medico-marketing promotional activities by its skilled marketing and sales people.

The company has a strong focus on strengthening its international export business. PPPLC has achieved significant volume of pharma exports within a very short time. More than 100 products have already been registered in different countries and the company is exporting products to 26 countries either directly or through its overseas agents.

Our Vision &


To make notable contribution in the pharmaceutical sector, both domestically and internationally through high quality, affordable medicine and also establish itself as the most sought after organization for highly satisfactory working environment and career development.


To make notable contribution in the pharmaceutical sector, both domestically and internationally through high quality, affordable medicine and also establish itself as the most sought after organization for highly satisfactory working environment and career development.

Quality policy

Our quality policy is to continuously improve our process, product and services and deliver products of highest value to Doctors, Pharmacists and Patient thereby ensuring cure & well-being of mankind.

PPPLC is committed to ensure that every product we manufacture and distribute meets with and conforms over its shelf life to internationally accepted standard of quality, purity, efficacy and safety.










About Founder Chairman

Late Tahera Akhter

Founder Chairman

Welcome to Popular Pharmaceuticals PLC. (PPPLC) website. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about our company.

PPPLC is one of the leading pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh backed by Popular Group, the leader of country’s healthcare sector.

We have been in the forefront of delivering healthcare services in Bangladesh, through the largest Healthcare network of establishments for last 32 years. We are serving millions of people every year. Our Vision is to establish an environment around the healthcare sector through the highest level of innovative and technical support which will add value to our society and act as a driven force of our humanity. With more than 5,000 committed staff, we promise to elevate our own benchmarks in healthcare sector.

Looking ahead we are determined to achieve our goal of building beautiful Bangladesh.

Message From Managing Director

Dr. Mostafizur Rahman

Managing Director & CEO

Forty-one years ago, weembarked on a formidable journey with modest resources, but with many hopes anddaring dreams. Today, Popular stands as a pioneer in Bangladesh's healthcaresector, offering comprehensive services through our Diagnostic Centers,Pharmaceuticals, Medical College, and Hospital.

The pharmaceuticalsector is the most technologically advanced manufacturing industry inBangladesh and the second largest in terms of government revenue contribution.The pharmaceutical market is continuously growing, both domestically andinternationally. To sustain this growth, Bangladeshi pharmaceutical companiesmust rethink their current business models and pursue global, innovation-ledgrowth. This is our mission at Popular Pharmaceuticals PLC.

In the domestic market,we are focused on maintaining and enhancing our leadership in key therapeuticareas through strong, prescription-driven sales. We will continue to investsignificantly in technology to strengthen our pipeline of new products for bothBangladesh and international markets.

Our internationalpharmaceutical markets now span 33 countries across Asia, Africa, LatinAmerica, and Europe. We anticipate substantial growth in the internationalsegment of our business in the coming years.

The success of PopularPharmaceuticals PLC. is the result of dedicated efforts over time. Ourcompetent employees, whom we consider our Human Capital, are the driving forcebehind our achievements. We value our employees as an intangible asset,recognizing their contributions through strong Human Capital Management, whichincludes hiring, managing, training, and retaining talented and high-performingindividuals. We firmly believe that our human resources are our most valuableasset, and we are committed to their well-being.

Looking ahead, we aredetermined to achieve our goal of becoming a leader in affordable healthcaresolutions. We will continue to build on our core values, our people, and ourproducts by fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth.

Message From Deputy Managing Director

Sardin Rahman

Deputy Managing Director

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Board Of Directors

Dr. Mostafizur Rahman

Managing Director & CEO

Murtuza Rahman


Sardin Rahman

Deputy Managing Director

Sadia Rahman


Management Team

Dr. Mostafizur Rahman

Managing Director & CEO

Sardin Rahman

Deputy Managing Director

Mohammod Shafiqul Islam

Director, Marketing

Safiul Azam, FCMA

Director, Finance & Accounts

Mr. Rabin Kumar Paul

Director, Technical Operations

Md. Ali Hossain

Director, HR and Admin

Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad

Director, Project & Plant Operations

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is committed to improve the quality of life and enhance the vitality of the communities in which we operate. We acknowledge our economic, social and environmental responsibility when provide solutions for the benefit of patients and society. Through our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we provide support to causes reflecting employee and community interests by the means of employee volunteer efforts, corporate initiatives, and monetary donations. We have a business driven CSR-approach and we acknowledge our Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility when providing healthcare services for the benefit of patients and society.

Economic Responsibility

Donation from CSR fund for the Development & Research of 'The DhakaUniversity Fund' to strengthen the economic stability of the leadinguniversity of the country.

Social Responsibility

Scholarship fundfor postgraduate medical student fellowship program of Bangabandhu Sheikh MujibMedical University (BSMMU) from 2023-2032.

Environmental Responsibility

Sanitation and Healthcare Program with Casper Foundation.

Pharmaceutical Brand Management


Due to our marketing-oriented philosophy, we are enjoying a leading position in the market. Our highly marketing sophisticated network ensures a strong representation around the country. Our business plans are carried out which are developed in accordance with corporate and market objectives. We have a well experienced marketing, sales and distribution team who are visiting doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies nationally.

Among the various marketing activities, we organize training, seminars & conferences concerning medical issues, new product launching and sales techniques. Through these activates, we develop a close rapport among the lead Physicians and Healthcare Providers to provide excellence in professional service.

We offer expertise in contract manufacturing for local & overseas business partners. Contract Manufacturing offers the opportunity for sponsor companies to focus on their core strength while leveraging our c-GMP facilities.


Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd have own distribution network. Through our own distribution network, we ensure countrywide supply of our products. We have 19 depots across the country which enable us make available of our products in every single drug store throughout the country.

Other than depot, we have one Central Ware House and one Promo Store. From Central Ware House, every depot is getting their required products in time. Promo Store is fully dedicated to ensure in time promotional materials to field colleagues.